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In 30 Essential Yoga Poses, Judith Lasater draws on her wealth of yoga practice and teaching experience, as well as her training as a physical therapist, to present this comprehensive guide for beginning students and their teachers. The author discusses yoga's ancient eightfold path and its relevance in today's world, and goes to the heart of yoga—the all-important student-teacher relationship. Thirty essential yoga poses (asana), their variations, and breathing practices (pranayama) are also provided, with guidance for the student practicing at home, and points for the classroom teacher. Sequences are presented with photographic charts for easy visual reference, and a "Mantra for Daily Practice" and glossary of anatomical terms and resources for further study are also included.

I am in love with this book! I have discovered yoga about one year ago and I instantly fell in love with the whole concept. Since then, I have discovered some really great yoga books, but I have to say that the Rodmell Press series of yoga books is one of the best I have ever seen.

30 Essential Yoga Poses is another entry into the genre that is absolutely perfect for us yoga students who have some good basic yoga fundamentals, but are still trying to "better" the poses. This book is loaded with descriptions of the 30 essential poses, along with lots and lots of color pictures detailing how to do the poses correctly.

What I also enjoyed (and greatly appreciated) was the fact that for most of the poses, the author also included variations on the pose. This is especially important for anybody who may have stiff body parts and need to get a little more limber before doing the pose "completely" There was also a detailed look at the importance of yoga props and how they fit into the overall picture.

This book is a complete "course" within itself - I have rarely seen a yoga book that explained so well the poses and the correct posture for each.

This is perfect, perfect. I loved it!!!

-Tina, Bookshipper

There are many books available on different schools of yoga and many aspects to this complex and venerable mind-body spiritual practice. Longtime teacher Lasater offers a quintessential guide to Iyengar yoga, which uses props and emphasizes precision and alignment in yoga poses. She writes for beginners, but also includes material aimed at those who teach beginners, since teachers are students of whatever field they teach. The book is well-organized, opening with a concise introduction to yoga as an entire system. Its heart is a clearly written, amply illustrated (more than 340 color photos) sequence of 30 essential poses. A physical therapist and psychologist, Lasater understands the nuances of yoga poses, addressing common mistakes and precisely describing what is happening anatomically. She also skillfully correlates the challenges to mind and body that each pose provides, suggesting spiritual "explorations" that make the pose a new lesson each time it is practiced. A subsequent section combines poses in varied sequences, each series aimed at a different goal, such as strength, relaxation or overcoming busy days. A helpful concluding section lists terms and resources. The book is blessedly accessible, eschewing the glitz of some trendy yoga material. It also consistently counsels respect for physical and student-teacher boundaries to avoid problems, whether from physical pain or exploitative student-teacher relationships developing from an intense body-based discipline. This is highly recommended for beginners. (Nov.) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

-Publishers Weekly

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